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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 130, 22nd June 2020
8 MOST Important Factors for Getting More New Podcast Listeners
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8 MOST Important Factors for Getting More New Podcast Listeners

PDS #130

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Today’s episode is all about getting new people to listen to your podcast and what you need to do to grab their attention. I start off with the least important factor, which is whether or not the listener has heard of the host; this factor is not as important because as long as you’re talking about what they want to hear, they will listen regardless of who you are. Your podcast title, artwork, reviews, and ratings are all important aspects when it comes to gaining new listeners for your podcast; however, the second most important factor is the episode title; this needs to be clear (not cute) but also needs to grab the attention of new listeners. Join me to learn the MOST important factor of gaining new listeners for your podcast.

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In this episode:

  • Where people go to discover new podcasts and how you can use these facts to gain listeners
  • Why the content is more important than the name of the guest presenting it
  • Why your podcast artwork needs to stand out and how that will pull in more listeners
  • How to get more ratings and reviews, without asking for them every show
  • Why you will lose listeners if you are not consistent with posting
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