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No. 006 Podcast Interview Best Practices from a Guy Who Publishes 3 Per Week
6th May 2015 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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Jonny Nastor posts three new episodes of his interview show Hack the Entrepreneur each week. So he s learned a thing or two about conducting interviews. We pick his brain in this episode of The Showrunner.

Among the topics discussed in this episode:

  • How we plan to ensure that The Showrunner Podcasting Course does not overshadow The Showrunner Podcast
  • The single most important thing that Jonny does do (as an interviewer), that other people don’t do, that has led to his success with Hack the Entrepreneur
  • What Jonny does to prep for his interviews
  • A unique strategy for combatting the lack of connection we can all sometimes feel when conducting an audio-only interview
  • How Jonny combines set questions with a flexible mindset to direct the conversation in the best direction (and stay in control)
  • Jonny s strategy for keeping his shows from being hijacked by guest pitches
  • Is Jerod a dog guy or a cat guy?
  • Listener question: What is the best way to address your audience to maximize connection?

We ve also updated the format of the show a bit, based on our personal taste and feedback we ve received from the audience. We hope you ll like it. We think you will.

We tweaked how we re using music in the show, and we ve added a new feature that you can get used to, as we ll be keeping it for future episodes. Enjoy the surprise …

Listen to The Showrunner below ...

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