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Chapter 146. Russell meet Hilary, Hilary meet Russell.
Episode 14620th February 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Well that was a rum do.

We had quite the epic trying to record Chapter 146. If it wasn't the microphone with the mind of it's own, it was the Zoom connection, and if it wasn't the Zoom connection it was the sound of mi goretex (and yes I know I've taken liberties with the spelling of rustle in the title...)

And the fact I was struggling a little with the ol' synapses was just the cadburys flake on this particular 99. The one thing I will say in my defence is, well, I was in Denmark in a cold room and that by the time we actually got to the word I was struggling with, my understanding (as you will hear) was pretty much spot-on.

********* action (is the process of a liquid flowing in a narrow space without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, any external forces like gravity. The effect can be seen in the drawing up of liquids in a thin tube. (source: Wikipedia)


Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper, Snork, Ant & h

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