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Ep. 015 - Carey Sheffield - The Power of Self Portraits
Episode 156th November 2023 • Generator • Matt Stagliano
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Welcome to episode 15 of Generator and my guest this week is Carey Sheffield.

Carey is a Florida based photographer who doesn't just take pictures—she weaves stories of connection and emotion.. She dives deep into the soul of the craft, staying emotionally engaged with each image, each moment, as if they were threads in a beautiful tapestry of human experience.

She uses the lens to look inward as much as outward, and let me tell you, that journey of self-discovery? It's a powerful one. It’s raw and it is real. It's not just about capturing her own image; it's about peeling back the layers, and having a conversation with herself that’s as intimate as it is revealing.

So today, we're not just talking about photography. We're diving into a story of connection, emotion, and the kind of self-awareness that comes from truly seeing—not just with the eyes, but with the heart. 

For more of Carey's work, please visit her website at or on Instagram at @careysheffieldphotography



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