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86. What To Do When Burnout Impacts Your Creativity with Krista Lynch
Episode 8619th September 2022 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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I'm excited to have Krista Lynch on the podcast today sharing about what to do when burnout impacts your creativity! She's a wedding and brand photographer but also does business coaching. She has a lot on her plate and knows a thing or two about burnout. Although this topic may not be the most glamorous to talk about, it's something all of us face at some point. So, what do you do when burnout impacts your creativity?

Accepting the Season

It's easy to see it, but accepting it is a whole different thing. Living in a culture where social media constantly reminds us we should be creating more, producing more and not struggling while doing so is tough. The truth is everyone faces seasons of feeling unmotivated and lacking creativity. So understanding it is a normal thing can help you with the next step. Acceptance. Frustrations or that "blah" feeling does not mean you've failed.

Find the Triggers

Where or what has made you have self doubt? What is it in your life that made you feel like you need to over work? Locating triggers can help you set boundaries and avoid going down ugly rabbit trails. Social media can be a big one like we've talked about earlier. But, pausing and making space for rest is actually productive. Work really can wait for tomorrow because the reality is... work will always be there! A common response to burnout is ejecting yourself from everything. So giving yourself space allows for you to get back to a healthy state of mind.

Someone Who Relates

As business owners, expressing this place of burnout to someone who understands the shoes you're in can help a lot! Often we have people in our lives that want to help but hearing "you're doing great" or "you'll be fine" isn't exactly motivating. Finding someone who shares some common ground with you is like finding truth! You can believe what they say. And most of the time they have great tips to get you out of the funk you're currently in!

Releasing the Pressure

Usually we end up creating unrealistic timelines and overwhelm ourselves with work. Here's what to do when burnout impacts your creativity - relieve the pressure! You can't function and produce all these great ideas when you're already tending to so many other things. I created this "parking lot" list that I put my great ideas on. At times the items on this sit for months. When you have the capacity you can pull things from the parking lot, but if it becomes too much just park it!

Brain Mapping

Once you feel like you're back in a space to grow and put your hand to things, write down your goals. From there, break down what needs to take place to accomplish it. Break down goals into the smallest steps possible. By doing this you slowly start building confidence because you're checking things off the list. It also helps us pace ourselves so we don't jump into too much too soon. Start by doing one thing at a time, just one task a day. Regulate yourself and see the momentum begin to build again.

All these will tend to you. So next time you're stuck or overwhelmed you have some tools to know what to do when burnout impacts your creativity!

What We Discussed

Accepting the Season (6:13)

Find the Triggers (8:58)

Someone Who Relates (13:07)

Releasing the Pressure (16:02)

Brain Mapping (21:56)