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Creating Psychological Safety w/ Janki DePalma: Stop Apologizing & Start Growing
Episode 21816th March 2023 • The Zweig Letter • Zweig Group
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Creating Psychological Safety w/ Janki DePalma: Stop Apologizing & Start Growing

When Janki DePalma discovered the irony of women apologizing for things they don't need to, she took action to encourage women and help them create a psychologically safe platform for them to be their best selves and foster innovation.

"Making mistakes is a key part of the growth mindset. Great innovation comes from making mistakes, learning, and making more mistakes." 

- Janki DePalma

Janki DePalma is the Senior Associate and Director of Business Development at Kirksey Architecture in Austin, Texas. In addition to her BD exploits, she has become an expert in creating psychologically safe spaces for teams to thrive and innovate.

Janki DePalma was on episode 183 of the Zweig Letter Podcast, where she discussed active listening, empathy, building relationships, and practicing self-control which are all critical ingredients of a successful business developer in the Design Industry.    

After that conversation with her, Randy Wilburn was inspired to discuss the concept of psychological safety in the workplace - especially for women.  

Janki has written an article about the issue and the importance of creating a safe environment where people feel comfortable making mistakes and sharing ideas. 

Throughout the podcast, Janki and Randy discussed how team leads and managers can create a sense of psychological safety by creating a platform for their team members to feel free to express themselves. Through her experiences, Janki encourages people to be open-minded and embrace different perspectives to create a safe work environment and foster innovation.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to create a sense of psychological safety in the workplace

2. The importance of understanding how different people process information

3. The potential of podcasting as a platform for exchanging ideas.

All of this and much more on this episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast.

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