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Remote Working 2.0: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? - with Radious’ Amina Moreau
Episode 4013th February 2024 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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The other thing that I keep harping on is that remote work doesn't need to mean that it's lonely work. We confuse remote work with isolation a lot because we equate remote work with working from home. Again, because the pandemic forced remote work to be synonymous with working from home. But post-pandemic, there are countless ways to work remotely.

You are listening to episode 40 of the Happy Space Podcast. Today we're exploring remote work 2.0, and the opportunity to work at your neighbors with Radious founder, Amina Moreau.

Amina Moreau’s startup Radious addresses the challenges of returning to the office by solving for the dreaded commute and providing a network of distributed workspaces in local neighborhoods.

Amina Moreau shares the history of Radious, a company focused on creating a network of distributed workspaces in local communities. The idea originated during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, where the shift to remote work prompted discussions on the challenges of returning to the office, especially with the commute being a significant barrier. Radious aims to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions by offering a network of workspaces in suburban areas, allowing employees to choose locations based on their needs and preferences. The focus is on reducing commute times, fostering collaboration, and providing diverse workspace options for different activities. Amina encourages a nuanced approach to flexible work solutions, tailored to factors such as culture, innovation, and productivity. She highlights the significance of leveraging data and insights to inform workspace decisions and stresses the importance of robust self-reflection.

A chronic entrepreneur, Amina's companies are merely symptoms of her obsession with putting something meaningful out into the world. Amina began her career as co-founder and Executive Creative Director at Stillmotion, Inc., a five-time Emmy Award-winning band of filmmakers. 

Amina became an Adjunct Professor at the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication in 2018, teaching graduate students about the business of storytelling. Radious is her next big thing, an online platform that outfits residential properties with workplace amenities and offers them up for company workdays and team meetings —rented by the day. When she’s not busy building Radious, you’ll find her grunting on the tennis court.

Recently ranked #1 in the Pacific Northwest, she continues to play at a high level and finds her sense of peace crushing it at 100 MPH. 


01:44 Radious’ different approach to remote work

04:21 The philosophy and benefits of working locally

07:31 The impact of the commute on work & concern for the environment

17:12 Understanding the diversity of work needs and preferences

18:49 The importance of data and self-reflection in remote work

23:03 Adapting to new workforce demands

24:36 The impact of remote work on personal life

25:37 Addressing loneliness in the digital age

26:40 Remote work doesn’t have to mean lonely work

31:08 The role of community in remote work

35:55 The evolution of workspace design

40:29 The importance of collaboration and transparency in workplace policies

42:30 The future of workspaces


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