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Elevate.Together.Podcast. - Elevate Services EPISODE 3, 21st September 2020
Nick Humphrey -THRIVE for Structure and Culture
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Nick Humphrey -THRIVE for Structure and Culture

In this episode, host Nicole Giantonio welcomes Nick Humphrey, Managing Partner at Hamilton Locke, to talk about how Nick and his colleagues created a law firm with a structure and culture they call ‘THRIVE’. Nick and his team spent a couple of years on research and planning to develop “THRIVE” to build a firm that is both agile and lean; focuses on client and people experience. They have built a people-centric business by creating a vibrant culture that drives the best client experience. Nick explained how culture & diversity play a great deal to win clients.

Hamilton Locke is “An agile corporate law firm, established as an evolution of the legal industry, focused on aligning the interests of its people with clients.” It is a culture-led fastest-growing law firm in Australia. 


Nick Humphrey, has been recognized as one of Australia’s leading private equity and M&A lawyers. He is the chairman of the Australian Growth Company Awards and author of an author of several best-selling books, including “Maverick Executive: Strategies for Driving Clarity, Effectiveness and Focus”; “Penguin Small Business Guide,” and the “Australian Private Equity Handbook.”

Click on the links below to hear what we covered in this episode:

  • [01:02] - What is the ‘Thrive Model,’ and how Hamilton Locke utilizes it to evolve the legal industry?
  • [05:08] - How client experience and people experience are interrelated?
  • [06:30] - Two Examples: Why culture becomes the deciding factor?
  • [08:48] - The story behind Hamilton Locke’s success.
  • [11:20] - Why is Hamilton Locke trying to put an end to time-based billing?
  • [15:16] - Which technology is Hamilton Locke focusing on?
  • [16:03] - Over 100 deals in four months by focusing on client and people market.