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12 | Shiny Ball Syndrome
Episode 1213th May 2023 • Princess and the Pea Podcast • Annie Crowe
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Season 1 finale!!! Where did the time go?!

In part 2 of Annie's stimulating chat with the ausome Frances Brennan, an Autistic ADHD Speechie (aka Speech Pathologist), we end season 1 with a BANG!

Annie and Frances discuss everything from info dumping, masking, people pleasing, driving with ADHD, memory, distractions, exposure therapy, dysregulation, assuming competency, labels, and more on divergent eating.

Frances shares her frustration with the deficit-based language needed for NDIS reports and does something SO exciting! Stay tuned till the end to find out more.

This is exactly why advocacy matters and why we need to keep these conversations going.

Enjoy! x

Show notes:

#StrongerTogether #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs