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024 - Why There Are Few Ex-Presidents in Africa
31st March 2019 • Arab Tyrant Manual Podcast • Arab Tyrant Manual Podcast
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Abderrahmane Weddady, the brother of regular Arab Tyrant Manual contributor Nasser Weddady, has been charged with "spreading fake news" and jailed pending trial in his home country of Mauritania. His crime? Revealing a massive Ponzi scheme which cost 7000 families their homes, and uncovering direct links to the president's family. In this episode, Nasser tells us about his brother and what he uncovered. For updates to the case, follow Nasser on Twitter - @weddady. You can also find out more from his writing on our website: Our podcast depends on our listeners' support - help us keep doing what we do, amplifying voices of liberty and human rights in the region and beyond: