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Sheila Akbar, COO & President of Signet Education In Conversation With Edx Education (USA)
Episode 569th September 2022 • Play, Learn & Create with Edx Education • edxeducation
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Ep 056: Join Heather Welch, Edx Education In conversation with Sheila Akbar President & COO of Signet Education.

In this episode I talk to Sheila Akbar – President of Signet Education. Sheila loves to work closely with students to help them overcome any challenges they may face. Today, we discuss her time in education, mental health in teens, Signet and how to inspire a love of learning.

Here are the highlights:

(01:48) Before Signet

(07:17) What does Signet do?

(08:45) Feeling lost

(10:32) Mental health 

(24:54) Favourite role at Signet

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