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The Blessings of Failure with Dr. Judith
Episode 901st May 2024 • Mastering Life's Adventures: Being Your Best Self Through Soul Evolution! • Judith Holder
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In this episode, we're diving headfirst into the wild, wacky world of failure! That's right, failure—the misunderstood hero of our epic journey through life.

But wait, rewind for a second. What happened that gave failure such a bad rap? We've collectively decided that failure is the bane of our existence, something to be avoided at all costs, like an infectious disease lurking in the shadows.

What if I told you there's more to failure than meets the eye? What if failure isn't just a stumbling block but a stepping stone to greatness? Well, get ready to have your mind blown because Dr. Judith is about to flip the script on failure and reveal its hidden superpowers.

In this exciting episode, Dr. Judith shares her perspective on failure and its surprising benefits to the soul. That's right, failure isn't just about falling short; it's about rising stronger, wiser, and more resilient than ever before.

So, get ready to explore the opportunity that failure affords. From learning valuable lessons to embracing humility and cultivating perseverance, failure isn't the end of the road—it's just the beginning of a thrilling new adventure.

Are you ready to embrace failure as your greatest ally in soul growth? Tune in to this series on Simple Keys to Soul Progress in this podcast on "Mastering Life's Adventures: Being Your Best Self Through Soul Evolution" at and join us on a quest to unlock the untapped potential within every setback. It's time to turn failure from foe to friend and embark on a journey of self-discovery like never before!

About This Podcast

Welcome to our podcast! This show is dedicated to those seeking more substance by incorporating practical, spiritual approaches to handle daily challenges. We aim to provide insights and help you gain self-mastery by sharing personal-professional stories of overcoming and honoring your uniqueness. We will also help you achieve greater well-being and inner peace regardless of circumstances.

Your host, Dr. Judith Holder, is a Leadership Coach, Psychologist, Facilitator, Consultant, and Author. We will integrate your knowledge about yourself into who you are to empower you to explore your true self or your SOUL (Substance Of Ur Life). This exploration will source greater peace, fulfillment, joy, and purpose.

Our educational podcast explores how to live a more fulfilling life in the 21st century. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and growth!

Learn More

Life is not a straight line! We are trying to flow with it and wisely determine how to get the most out of life! If you are searching for strategies, tools, techniques, and innovative approaches to thinking and applying spiritual principles in daily living, this is the podcast for you!

We delve into exploring, innovating, and providing an understanding through creating ways to tap into the oasis of your True Self during life’s daily adventures and, at times, hassles! Your True Self is the essence of who you are, usually untapped and often unknown to us, yet is the substance and source for having more meaning, purpose, fun, and inspiration in living.

We explore and discuss topic areas such as –

• Seeking something more in life amid an ever-changing world

• Integrating keys to leading self and others and having healthy relationships

• Building Soul self-awareness in everyday living

• Tuning into key ingredients to one’s higher purpose as parents

• Understanding keys to how Soul testing(s) occur in daily living

• Learning to tap into your superpowers to master life’s small and great challenges

• Digging into the essentials of wellness of body, mind, soul and spirit

These are some examples of our focus during our time together. But this podcast has so much more!

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