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Ep #124 - New story of motherhood with Lisa Corduff
Episode 1244th February 2020 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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In this episode, I invite you into a conversation with one of my closest friends, and greatest supporters: Lisa Corduff. But it's a podcast episode with a twist -
this time, I am being interviewed by Lisa on her phenomenal new podcast Conversations with Lisa.

I've been talking about matrescence and the new story we need to tell about motherhood for a while now, but something very powerful happens when you sit with a phenomenal spaceholder and friend - the very best of you comes out.

I adored this conversation. I think it's a real and raw insight into life with kids and business and relationships and our dreams. It's a real conversation about what we all struggle with, and how similar our worries and fears are. And it's a chance to sit with us, Lisa and I, and talk about what we all want to be talking about:
the truth about being a mother and a woman.

You can listen to more of Lisa's amazing interviews here, and learn more about her work here.

And if you are ready to REDEFINE motherhood and womanhood for yourself too, the next round of REDEFINE begins on 16th February.