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Trailer26th October 2023 • Insightful Investor • Alex Shahidi
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The Insightful Investor Podcast is a weekly series hosted by Alex Shahidi, Co-CIO of one of the nation's leading RIAs. In a conversational, "fireside chat" format, Alex interacts with the globe's premier investors and business icons to unearth distinct market insights rarely found elsewhere. While many investors echo common sentiments, our definition of "insights" includes concepts that are counterintuitive, widely misunderstood, or underappreciated. With two decades of experience managing over $10 billion in client assets, Alex gains unique access to the industry's top thinkers. He has authored two investment books, contributed to leading financial journals, and consistently ranks among the elite financial advisors by Forbes and Barron's. As an independent and innovative voice, Alex offers a fresh take compared to mainstream investment experts. We invite you to tune in. If something resonates, we'd love to hear your feedback.