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Being Bray: The impact of Psychological Safety – with Sally Naunton
Episode 925th March 2022 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Sally Naunton, who has been MD at Bray Health Care since 2019, joins me to discuss Being Bray and the Impact of Psychological Safety. Sally's leadership has taken her workforce on a journey to develop a new way of working, based on a framework the team created called Being Bray. 

In this conversation we explore psychological safety, including:

  • how it is part of employee experience 
  • the motivation for developing Being Bray
  • how values need to be more explicit in terms of behaviours
  • the process of developing and embedding the framework
  • some of the challenges around achieving and maintaining psychological safety
  • personal responsibility and accountability 
  • using the framework for growth and progression within the company: bronze, silver and gold standards
  • advice for companies thinking about a similar approach

To find out more about psychological safety in your workplace, read my blog here.

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Although Sally has not yet produced an overview to share about the Bray approach, she is happy to be contacted for further information.

More about Sally: 

Sally has been the MD at Bray Healthcare since November 2019. She is MBA qualified with both commercial and operational experience in healthcare. Her career has included senior board level roles in entrepreneurially driven, private equity backed medical device businesses as well as the public sector. Whilst she has always been headquartered in the UK, she has held direct operational responsibility for overseas operations in Germany, France and Australia. People are her passion and she sees her role as a leader to support, develop and mentor her Team.

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