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Taryn Dubreuil of PDBM
Episode 474th December 2023 • Business is Good with Chris Cooper • Chris Cooper
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Taryn is an experienced business mentor, and she's worked with a lot of small businesses.

Based in Yorkton, SK, Taryn started a gym to pursue her CrossFit passion. Like many of us, she quickly realized that her job skills didn't translate into ownership skills. She sought a mentor and turned her gym around.

But during that process, she began sharing her lessons with other entrepreneurs (as I did.) That unlocked a new passion for coaching small businesses to help them avoid the mistakes she made...and scale up faster.

Taryn's in a unique position: she's a popular mentor in my mentorship practice for gyms, AND she's successfully opened her own practice to help other types of businesses. Many have tried to do it, but Taryn is successful. In this episode, you'll see why.


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