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Kathryn Gordon [Part 1]: Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction with God and Grit
Episode 48316th March 2023 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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All it takes is a little God and a lot of grit to get through the hardest times!

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Show Notes:

How can you pull yourself out of rock bottom and restart your life? Our guest today is Kathryn Gordon, relationship expert, podcast host, investor, businesswoman, best selling author of Relationship Grit, and mother! In this episode, Kathryn shares her inspiring story of how she battled drug and alcohol abuse to come out on the other side. We’ll talk about how she found God’s guidance to the path of sobriety after years of struggling and hitting rock bottom. Her story is one we can all learn from, no matter what season you may be in. Join us for Part 1 of 2 to discover the inspiring, incredible journey of the woman made of grit!

00:30 Say hello to Kathryn Gordon, relationship expert, podcast host, and best selling author of Relationship Grit!

03:25 Would you have described yourself as a gritty kid?

06:25 What were your parents like?

10:15 How did you fall into drugs? 

11:15 How did you get out of it?

15:40 Hitting rock bottom.

18:35 What has changed since you went sober?

21:45 What can you get done when you stop drinking?

25:45 Is your husband on the same page as you?

28:05 What happened on the day you stopped drinking?




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