Transition Your Energy
Episode 2426th August 2020 • Rock Your Joy • Aine Rock
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“I always love this stretch right before fall because it's a quiet, open, luscious space for us to receive, and to create. But we have to create the space, give ourselves permission. Allow your mind and your spirit to wander and dream.” – Aine Rock

Now is a time of great transition. There are the micro-transitions of everyday life – transitioning from work mode to parent mode, or from stressful situations back to a feeling of being grounded. It’s also a time of seasonal transition – warm and light to dark and cold, back to school, and transitioning back to work in person.

Whatever type of transition you’re faced with, it’s important to take the time to plan and create rituals around them. Mindfully setting this intention to transition gives you a plan so that you’re not scrambling in the moment.

This week on Rock Your Joy, Aine invites you to ask yourself, “What is my mission this season?” Get your journal out and get clear with yourself on your plans for graceful transitions.

  • (00:34) - Transitions
  • (04:00) - Who do you want to be in 2021?
  • (08:14) - Ten things to release & let go

Aine Rock is an artist, entrepreneur, mom and High Performance Coach working on becoming the best version of herself and inspiring others to do the same. Rock Your Joy is a place for women to share the unique ways they find, cultivate, and celebrate joy. We’re often so focused on things happening to us that we forget that joy exists within us. Tune in every other week as we find that joy, together.

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