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Ep. 133 - Working with Shadow, The Four Steps to Magnetism & Manifesting Opulence with Lacy Phillips
Episode 13324th July 2018 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Last time Lindsey + Krista talked to Lacy Phillips, the creative spirit and Manifestation Advisor behind Free and Native, she taught us how to manifest our dream lives. It was a life-changing conversation and we are all honored by the incredible support that #ALMOST30NATION has offered Lacy since. But we had to have Lacy back on the show because she has come so far since we last spoke to her!


One of Lacy’s gifts (and one of the reasons we love her so much) is that she’s an expander... she’s just so grounded and real, so comforting and inspiring, constantly holding a space for others to realize their own sense of self. We can’t say enough good things about her and we know this episode is going to change lives!


We discuss…


  • Overcoming whatever is blocking your opulence + abundance

  • De-conditioning what we’ve learned about money

  • Closing the portals in your life that don’t serve you

  • Unblocking your shadow

  • Filling the void in manifestation education

  • Understanding the energetics of manifestation

  • Finding expanders

  • How to differentiate between a sign and a test

  • An exercise you can do to tap into your body + practice intuiting

  • The 4 elements of pure magnetism


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