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Trailer3rd March 2023 • Spearfishing Norway • Ivan Knudseth & Ørjan Dyrnes
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Fabrice Schnoller is a French entrepreneur who gained international attention for his involvement in the rescue and rehabilitation of Hvaldimir, a beluga whale that became stranded in Norway's Arctic waters.

Fabrice is a biologist and filmmaker as well, and are currently working on a documentary about Hvaldimir which will be released this year.

He was visiting our tiny studio and we talked to him about his projects, whale communications and all water mammals where we learned alot about their behaviour.

The podcast will be released soon within our own new prodject - Just Add Water - Spearfishing Norway - where we try to reach the audience all around the world.

Stay tuned and remember, hold your breath!

Fabrice Schnoller


Darewin Project:

"DAREWIN’s mission is to better understand dolphin and whale click communication and perhaps, one day, make contact with these extraordinary animals. »"