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Ghostwriting, ego and art with Liam Pieper
Episode 82nd May 2024 • Better Words • Michelle Gately & Caitlin Toohey
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Liam Pieper is an author and ABIA-winning ghostwriter. The first was a memoir, The Feel-Good Hit of the Year, shortlisted for the National Biography Award and the Ned Kelly Best True Crime award. His second was the Penguin Special Mistakes Were Made, a collection of funny true stories. He was co-recipient of the 2014 M Literary Award, winner of the 2015 Geoff Dean Short Story Prize, the inaugural creative resident of the UNESCO City of Literature of Prague, and the 2018 National Library of Australia Creative Arts Fellow for Australian Writing. His novels are The Toymaker, Sweetness and Light and Appreciation, which is the book we're chatting about today.

Our interview begins at  22.00

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Mini book club: Grown Ups and My Favourite Mistake by Marian Keyes

Well, there's been a huge gap in our reading: we've not read much/any Marian Keyes. So we thought we'd tackle some recent releases. Caitlin discusses Grown Ups (the only MK Michelle has read) while Michelle chats about the brand new My Favourite Mistake. Our overall verdict: Marian Keyes undoubtedly has it, the knack for writing genuinely funny, compelling and yet emotional novels. And we can't wait to read more!

In this interview, we chat about:

  • Art as a commodity and the way this is explored in the book
  • The ideas and events in Liam's own life that culminated in Appreciation
  • Turning a critical eye on the publishing industry as part of Ollie's redemption arc
  • Inside the world of a ghostwriter
  • How Liam became a ghostwriter and his publishing journey

Books and other things mentioned:

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Appreciation is available in Australia now.

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