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EP06 What it's like to declutter your home
Episode 623rd May 2019 • Motherhood Simplified • Krista Lockwood
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 In this episode we talk all about what it really feels like when you declutter your home! I tell you the story of how we did it as a family and the ups and downs of the entire process.

I also include the story of decluttering the preschool that I owned at the time as well, and if you know or are a teacher, you know we are excellent hoarders of all the things and see the potential in everything.


IN THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT I decluttered my home and the circumstances surrounding my experience, and how NOT ideal it was. It never is by the way

...the wide range of emotions I went through during the process I handled doing this heavy lifting work while having no help with my 3 kids at the time

...what we got rid of and what we kept

...action steps to do it for yourself! 


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Mentioned in this episode:

How to have a home that is peaceful, inspires creativity and is easy to clean up even if you have little time, energy or day to day support. This brand new free training covers: -How to set an example for your kids by decluttering, and set them up for success as adults who know how to care for their things. -How to declutter without feeling guilty about the waste, or continuing to contribute to the landfill and radically transform your spending and consumption habits. -Make your home a place your kids can feel that their mom cared for them deeply in the days of their childhood