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Knowledge versus KNOWING
Episode 23616th August 2021 • The Confidence Chronicles • Erika Cramer
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There’s a difference between having knowledge and actually knowing something.

People have a lot of knowledge about a bunch of things, but until we actually see results in our lives, we don’t really know it. 

We have knowledge about how we should take care of our bodies, how we need to eat and rest to stay healthy.

But unless you’re actually doing those things, it’s just knowledge.

Saying “I know” will only stop you from actually learning and block you from taking action. 

What is it that you don’t quite know yet?

This episode is a bit of a loving bitch slap to myself and to you to check in with yourself.

What is it that you technically think you know but you’re actually not doing?

What’s happening in your body right now?

What are the results you’re seeing in your life?

Are you operating out of knowledge or knowing?


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