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MoneyBetter - Union Bank and Trust EPISODE 6, 14th April 2021
IOU, UOMe: How to Talk About Money
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IOU, UOMe: How to Talk About Money

For something that permeates so much of our daily lives, money can be a really hard topic to tackle, even with people we know and love. In episode 6, MoneyBetter host Caitlin Moore leads a discussion with Patrick Reese, UNL Branch Manager, and James Pruch, financial coach, to address how to have tough conversations with roommates, friends, and family members about money. Then, our community partner, Sarah Jackson from the Lincoln Housing Authority, talks through conversations she has with her clients about budgeting and finances.

Show Notes

James Pruch, financial coach, and Patrick Reese, UBT UNL Branch Manager: How to talk about money in roommate situations, including who is paying what bills, how to determine how much each person should pay, and how to handle the conversation when someone is not paying their share.

28:06: Discussion on how parents can support their kids financially and how to have conversations around expenses and independence.

35:20: Community Partner: Sarah Jackson, Lincoln Housing Authority. How to have conversations about budgeting and other best practices to manage finances effectively.