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What's the "Special" in Special Ed?
Episode 187th December 2022 • The Inside Scoop • Cobb County School District
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George Morgan, Director of the Special Education Department

Jessica Coleman, Director of Special Education Compliance

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  • [00:49] Defining "Special" in the Strict Sense
  • [01:07] Kinds of Needs Served
  • [02:59] Parents' Initial Expectations
  • [04:52] Parent Mentors are a Great Resource!
  • [06:55] Types of Resources Available
  • [08:49] Planning for Life After High School
  • [10:15] Setting Goals and Expectations
  • [11:57] IEPs Explained
  • [13:06] Things to Look Forward To
  • [17:40] What are SSAs and What Do They Do?
  • [18:44] Accessing Resources

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