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Garden Gossip about Native Plants | Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith from Big Blend Radio | Tuscon, AZ
30th April 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Garden Gossip about Native Plants | Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith from Big Blend Radio | Tuscon, AZ

Introduction music Water Is Life – Mni Wičoni (song for Standing Rock) 

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Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, Big Blend’s mother-daughter editor and publishing team

are here from Big Blend Blog Talk Radio and TV where you can:

Enjoy expert interviews and panel discussions covering a variety of topics including: Music & The Arts, Food & Drink, Travel & National Parks, Family & Lifestyle, Health & Self-Empowerment, Nature & Environment, Business & Career, and History & Culture.

We’re really happy becasue we have had 2 days of rain and hopefully we will have wildflowers in the next week or so.

Wow! well we are having a blizzard her in Montana today (Feb 17, 2018)

are in Arizona, we do a lot of traveling we appreciate being on your show, I think it will tie in that we do on big blend radio

based i Tuscon

eat sleep and work her and then travel a lot because we are quest to cover all 400 National Park units!

Big national parks

gateway communities smaller parks and public

Home in Tucson about to hit the road again!

I’m excited to hear about gardens in National Parks you were telling me about. You’re mother and daughter right?

Tell us a little about yourself.

Just in a nutshell

background is from LA area

Nancy gave birth to me and right after that she gave birth to an organic garden with goats!

Lisa is allergic to just about everything ever invented!

nothing was working

time to get goats! 

She could have goat milk and not cow milk and organic veggies!

Do you want to tell us about your first garden experiences? Are you from L.A. too?

Yes, I am

my frist experienc would be with my grandmother who had a victory garden

living infirst one house forever

garden at the back

as soon as we visited her we ended up in the garden

naturally an organic gardner

She never used any sprays

She used beer

Like slugs and stuff. I remember my parents putting beer out. 

that’s how it was

that seems to work


loved her beer.

How about you Lisa?

a little different

born about a year and a half old. 

Nancy worked for Joy Adamson the movie with the lions

Born Free

We went to work with Joy in kenya

the two of us went across the ocean

to Africa

be my first gardening experiences

learning how to herd cattle, they were growing vegetables. 

Joy got murdered

We lived in a village called Karen after Karen Blitzen


Out of Africa

Kenya and Nairobi

just evolved from there. Always had a garden as a young child. big fascinations

My friend Eve went to work with Joy Adamson, but she never got to work with them, she ended up working for the UN for the Environmental Fund I think.

We’re not really gonna talk about your garden because you’ve been traveling so much but your gonna share about your show and travels etc right? 

always have to have plants


We live on the edge of a riparian area

see the monsoon rains

  • get into the garden
  • either or
  • traveling

going to different national parks we realize people should garden we are reclaiming the soil

  • beautification
  • backyard gardens
  • National Parks which are gardens



Siyeh Pass Summer 2016


Glacier National Park is just one big mountain garden!

wild flowers

we will see things like the suer cactus

see the whole cycle happen

some of them you get to see individual gardens

The very first park we went to on the tour was

Cabrillo the lighthouse keepers garden

show notes continued ASAP!



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