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23: Helix Steel | MARS Pavilion
Episode 2319th August 2022 • Detailed: An original podcast by ARCAT • ARCAT // Gābl Media
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In this episode, Cherise is joined by Joseph Sarafian, AIA, CEO and Ron Culver, AIA, COO – Both Co-Founders of Form Found Design in Los Angeles, California. Joseph and Ron share their experience and insights into the MARS Pavilion in Palm Springs, California. The MARS Pavilion combines the precision of robots and the freedom of fabric to achieve a 15-foot-tall canopy structure for Amazon’s invite-only MARS Conference in Palm Springs. To see project photos and details discussed, visit

Kais Al-Rawi, Senior Associate and Enclosure Design Leader at Walter P Moore provides his expertise to highlight additional structural aspects of the project.

Luke Pinkerton, President at Helix Steel, discusses the Helix Steel product - technical considerations, benefits, and potential opportunities for the future of the building industry.

This project provided unique challenges and opportunities - Industrial robot arms manipulated fabric sleeves to create adjustable concrete formwork, extensive research was required to develop a unique concrete mix with a compressive strength of 12,000 psi that cured in just 30 minutes, Helix Twisted Steel Micro Rebar was introduced in lieu of traditional rebar, yielding a 25% increase of compressive, tensile, and flexural strengths for the concrete wishbones, and much more.

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