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Charlie Kao | The Importance of Values and Priorities in Real Estate Investing
Episode 714th April 2023 • Passive Wealth Principles • Jake Harris
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On today's episode of the Passive Wealth Principles Podcast, Jake Harris interviews Charles Kao, a real estate investor with an eight-figure portfolio of investments in self-storage, multifamily and other properties. 

Charlie shares his journey from working on his dad's real estate projects as a child, to gaining sophisticated investment experience in the Fortune 500 world, and finally building his own successful investment portfolio.

During the interview, Jake and Charlie discuss how his business model and employee structure have changed over time, with a focus on key investment principles that have helped him achieve success in real estate. 

Jake and Charlie also dive into some of the personal challenges that Charlie has faced, including a cancer diagnosis, and how these experiences have influenced his approach to investing and life more broadly. Charlie shares his strategies for coping with difficult situations while still maintaining focus and productivity, the importance of a strong support system, and the ways in which personal experiences and values can shape one's approach to real estate investing and business in general.

You will gain valuable insights into Charlie's investing style, including how he built his real estate portfolio while still working a high-income W-2 job. 

Tune in to this episode and learn from Charlie's experience and expertise in the world of passive wealth principles!


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The role of Charlie's corporate experience in preparing him for success as a real estate investor.
  • The types of properties that Charlie focused on early in his investing career, and how his strategy has evolved over time.
  • The importance of work-life balance for Charlie and how he has achieved it through his real estate investments
  • The ways in which personal experiences and values can influence one's approach to real estate investing and business in general
  • And so much more...


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