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87. Bethany Hawkins on creating an amazing guest experience
Episode 8714th December 2021 • The Podcast Manager Show • Lauren Wrighton
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A great guest experience makes for a great interview... and you know what? There are steps that podcasters and Podcast Managers can take to make sure that the experience your guest has is a good one! Today I'm chatting with Bethany Hawkins, who comes with the perspective of both a podcaster and a manager. She gives us her advice on how to pick the right guests for a show and how to prep them before an interview. We also talk about expanding your team, why podfade happens, and the importance of great communication in your business. 

Bethany Hawkins found her love of podcasts while working in the criminal justice system. She credits getting through that emotionally draining experience to always having a podcast going in her headphones. With a plan to become a Podcast VA, Bethany made her move and quit her day job. Since that time she has transitioned into podcast management and founded her company Crackers in Soup. Bethany is also a podcaster and co-host of the show Chatting Over Chowder!

In this episode, we cover:

- Bethany's experience taking the Podcast Manager Program

- How to establish your presence online before launching your services

- Outsourcing and finding the right team for You

- Knowing yourself so you can hire the right people

- Why you need to like your clients and their subjects

- What "podfade" is and why it usually happens after 7 episodes

- Being both a listener and an expert 

- Giving the client what they want through proper communication

- Why you need to be willing to learn new skills

- How to avoid scope creep

- Ways that you can save an interview that's going sideways

- Making sure you "jive" with your guests

- What to do when you have a bad interview

- How to redirect conversations and disagree with your guests the right way

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