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EP 119-Leaving Bad Habits and Will Power Behind - Be More, Lose More with Maja Miller
Episode 1194th November 2021 • Emerge: The Health Podcast for Busy, High Performing Women • Alexandra Swenson-Ridley
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“You can’t hate your body into submission.” This is just one of the so many nuggets that you’ll find on today’s episode of Emerge with my guest Maja Miller. We dive deep and heavy into why all the things you’re doing maybe aren’t getting you to where you want to be, in your health or in other areas of life. If you want to lose more, you have to be more. Maja is a former Fortune 500 babe who made a drastic change in life to focus on her own health. The journey ultimately led to her working as a health coach and helping thousands of women transform their own health and life. To learn more about Maja visit Are you looking for the next step on your health journey and want to get some one-to-one support? As a thank you for listening to the show and being proactive with your health I’d like to offer you a $200 discount on an initial consultation with me. On this visit, we do a deep dive into your current state of health and the goals you have and together craft a plan to help you move forward confidently. To learn more visit The link is also in the show notes. I would love to connect with you and partner with you on your health journey. Thank you for tuning in to Emerge-The Health Podcast for Busy, High Performing Women, where we provide you with the tools, information, and inspiration you need to transform from overwhelmed, overworked, and overweight to vibrant, energetic, and on fire. If you enjoyed the show, please head over to iTunes to subscribe and leave us a review. Each month I will select one lucky reviewer to receive a special impeccable health sample kit from me. Also, I don't want to be working with you on your health, only once or twice a week. I want to be in this conversation, and in the trenches with you every single day. I invite you to join me at for even more information, inspiration, and motivation to transform your health and become vibrant, energetic, and on fire. Until next time, remember to keep putting yourself first so that you can better serve the ones you love. And the things you are passionate about. Be sure to check out our website, follow us on Facebook and Linked In, and Instagram.