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Why You (probably) can't just use cover recordings in your podcast
22nd March 2024 • Legit Podcast Pro • Gordon Firemark
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Podcast lawyer Gordon Firemark dives into the complex world of using cover recordings of famous songs in your podcast. Unravel the mysteries of copyright law, mechanical and sync licenses, and learn how to legally incorporate music into your content.

What You'll Learn:

  • The Legal Landscape of Music in Podcasting: An introduction to copyright laws that protect songs and recordings, and why understanding these is crucial for podcasters.
  • The Specifics of Cover Songs: What legally constitutes a cover song and the importance of mechanical licenses.
  • Considerations for Podcasters: Insights into the unique aspects of podcasting that affect how music can be used, including the need for sync licenses.
  • Practical Steps for Using Cover Songs: A guide to obtaining the necessary permissions, understanding the costs involved, and exploring alternative strategies for including music in your podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction to Music Rights: Gordon sets the stage for the discussion on music rights in podcasting, emphasizing the importance of navigating copyright laws carefully.
  2. Understanding Cover Songs: An explanation of what makes a recording a cover song and the legal requirements for using them in your podcast.
  3. Podcasting and Music Licensing: A look into the complexities of sync licenses and why they matter for your podcast.
  4. Actionable Advice for Podcasters: Concrete steps you can take to incorporate cover songs into your episodes legally and creatively.



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