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The Vitafoods Insights Podcast - Informa Markets 28th April 2021
Learnings on achieving carbon neutral for ingredients brands
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Learnings on achieving carbon neutral for ingredients brands

The very real issues of climate change are putting increased pressure on industries to reduce their environmental footprint and build sustainable business and production models. Within the natural products supply chain, ingredients manufacturing contributes significantly to the overall carbon footprint of finished products that retail at consumer level. With tighter regulations on the horizon and consumers holding brands accountable, companies are starting to seriously evaluate carbon impact across the supply chain. 

In this podcast, Simon Levesque, business development director at Nexira, speaks to the importance of achieving carbon neutral for ingredients manufacturers. Tune in to hear more about: 

  • The need to drive more action around carbon footprint reduction plans to meet environmental needs and customer expectations
  • Regulators and legislation in coming years that could cause supply chain to reform quicker than anticipated 
  • Communicating carbon action to consumers through on-package information
  • Nexira‚Äôs motivation to achieve carbon neutral goal, and how this achievement reflects not only an environmental effort but also a market advantage opportunity