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Intolerant Karens Are Ruining The Internet
Episode 9920th July 2020 • Use Your Words • Use Your Words
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I did an experiment recently on social media to see what would happen if I intentionally made a post that was contrary to the thoughts and opinions of the people in the post. The main rule for this was that the post itself could not be incendiary, and be as neutral as possible but in the spirit of opposite to what was in the thread. No name calling, no fighting, just simple words. I went in with a premise that social media made people toxic, but in the end I learned that toxic people make social media toxic. So what did I do to warrant toxic attention to myself? What words could I have said that would get me called a dirty mexican, an idiot, a science denier (who asked for links to peer reviewed papers?) and multiple other insults culminating with someone threatening to cancel me from my job. Well let's talk about what evil thing I said and how to respond to other people you meet online that you disagree with. Visit our website at #podcast #twitter #podernfamily #pod #uyw #words #conversation #opinion #thoughts #internet #karen #intolerance