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The Alex Tremble Show - Alex D. Tremble EPISODE 10, 17th February 2021
S1/E10: The Secret to Accomplishing HUGE Goals al All Levels of Your Career - Paul Brailsford
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S1/E10: The Secret to Accomplishing HUGE Goals al All Levels of Your Career - Paul Brailsford

Mr. Brailsford is co-founder and CEO of Brailsford & Dunlavey. He is nationally recognized for his innovation in the application of market and financial analysis to the programming and development of auxiliary facilities in higher education—such as student housing, campus unions, and recreation—as well as intercollegiate and professional sport facilities, and recreation and entertainment venues. He has provided planning and management services for hundreds of clients.

Initially known for his unique quantitative approaches, over the years Mr. Brailsford shared his experiences and ideas in dozens of articles and workshops, and at national conferences and symposia including Society of College & University Planners, Harvard Graduate School of Design, National Association of College & University Business Officers, Athletic Business, National Intramural Recreational Sports Association, National Association of Collegiate Auxiliary Services, Association of College & University Housing Officers-International, and Council for Urban Economic Development.

Today, Mr. Brailsford is focused on institutional strategy and operational efficiency for colleges and universities. He spends most of his time innovating, so the firm’s methodology remains fresh. Still engaged in his work, though, and always dedicated to mentoring staff throughout the firm—including B&D’s more senior advisors—Mr. Brailsford keeps his hand in about four to six projects at a time. He greatly enjoys working on the more complex, cutting-edge projects, and working with long-standing clients—including those who have been working with B&D for decades now.