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How to Become a Group Treasurer with John Fulton
Episode 11128th July 2020 • The Treasury Career Corner • Mike Richards
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If you want to build a successful treasury career, it’s good to learn from other treasurers, hear their stories, and listen to their advice. I invited John Fulton to join me on this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast. John was previously the Interim Group Treasurer at Kantar and is now involved in consulting projects in the CFO and Treasury space.

John has 20 years of senior leadership global finance roles in public and private companies across developed and emerging markets. He is a dynamic and creative thinker and leader with an enviable corporate treasury track record of deal execution. He worked as the Interim Group Treasurer at Kantar, which was founded in 1992 and is the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company with its global headquarters based in London. Kantar helps clients understand people and inspire growth. As a data and evidence-based agency, they provide insights and actionable recommendations to clients, worldwide.

They have a complete, unique, and rounded understanding of people around the world: how they think, feel, and act, globally and locally in over 90 markets. Kantar doesn’t just help clients understand what’s happened, they tell them why and how they can shape the future. With a diverse client base, Kantar inspires, informs and works with them to create strategies whatever their objectives – improving brand awareness, attracting more consumers, increasing brand penetration, financial success or growing peoples’ confidence in public services.

After leaving Kantar at the end of 2019, John has moved into private consultation.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How John got into the finance industry
  • John talks about his experiences working in public and private markets based in the UK, US, Mexico, NZ, Turkey, and many more
  • How to leverage different skills and experiences as a treasurer
  • What treasurers can learn from the COVID-19 crisis
  • A look at John’s recruitment process and what he looks for in candidates
  • How technology will impact treasury
  • John shares career advice for young treasurers

If you want to get in touch with John, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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