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12 Days of Human Design Series Day 9 [6/2 Manifesting Generator with a Defined Will] | EP29
Episode 2921st December 2023 • Unjaded: Human Design for Intentional Entrepreneurs • Vickie Dickson
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6/2 Manifesting Generator 34/20 - Defined Will (12 Days of Human Design - Day 9 - Matt)

Welcome to Day 9 of the 12 Days of Human Design series. Over the course of 12 days, we’re looking at every member of my family so that you can see how Human Design is so much more than a label or a type. We are all, at the time of this recording anyway, Generator types. There are 8 Manifesting Generators and 3 Generators. We are completely different people and you really can’t put us all into one category and say “There. That describes you perfectly.” Matt is Andrea’s husband and Easton’s father. He is 35 at the time of this recording and that is important to his design.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Matt is a 6/2 Manifesting Generator.
  • As a Manifesting Generator with the 34-20 Channel, he will be busier than even the busiest of Manifesting Generators. It’s how he is designed.
  • He has mostly Integration and Individual circuitry. Which means that he is all about going his own way and living his life on his own terms.
  • With a defined Will (or Ego) Centre, he joins just 1/8th of the population that has this. People with a defined Will are to be certain of themselves. Spoiler alert - I see this mostly true in men, as our society tends to condition women away from this.
  • How having a defined Emotional Solar Plexus becomes his decision making authority - and what that means.
  • He has 2 emotional waves.
  • Channel 12-22 is the energy of not doing anything you don’t want to do because your mood sets the tone for the room.
  • His other wave is a tribal wave. It has moments of rage. Now I’ve not seen this in him much - I think once I saw it - and it’s when his tribe is threatened. 
  • He has the energies of the background frequency we’re in now on the planet on the unconscious side and the frequency that we’re stepping into on the conscious side.
  • Matt has A LOT of experiential energy in his design. He’s not someone who’s going to be told what to do and how to do it. He is absolutely someone who learns through experience. It’s the only way. 
  • With both the Head and Root undefined, his design is highly pressurized.
  • As a 6th line profile, he will go through 3 stages in life.
  • 0-30 is their 3rd line phase. They do all of the things that 3rd line profiles do - they experience life fully. They go fast and break things.
  • 30-50 is when they integrate their life lessons. This is the phase he’s in now.
  • 50+ is when they step into their role model energy. 

Matt’s Human Design Chart: 

When you’re ready to dive deeply into the nuances of you, head on over to the website to book your reading. We’ll spend about 75 minutes together going into the depths of your design, having a conversation about how each aspect plays out in your life - because that’s what matters.

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Join me, Vickie Dickson, for day 10 of the 12-part mini series “12 Days of Human Design”.  Tomorrow you’ll be introduced to Colby - our newest grandson and the youngest child of Emily and Nick. Most fascinating, for our family, is that he is the FIRST non-Generator type out of all 12 of us! He is a Manifestor!

What is the “12 Days of Human Design”? 

A 12-part mini series where we take a peek inside the charts of those dearest to me. You’ll see just how 12 people, with similar profile types, are SO VERY DIFFERENT - all because of the nuances. I’m serious, if you put all 12 of us in a room, anyone that knows us even slightly would NEVER assume we are the same. Spoiler alert - thanks to our NUANCES, we aren’t!

This special mini series runs from December 13 to 24. You’ll want to pop by daily to get the inside scoop on all 12 of us!

PS: If you haven’t caught Episode 18 “Your Human Design Type Isn't the Whole Story” - check it out before the mini series starts. You really are SO MUCH MORE than ‘just’ your type.

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