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Angels, aliens and genies with Dr. Tine Rassalle
Episode 143rd May 2022 • Digging Up Ancient Aliens • Fredrik Trusohamn
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Today when we hear the word angel we might picture fluffy kids with wings. But is this really how angels are portrayed in the bible? Would what we think an angel is be wrong and what’s really described in the bible is extraterrestrial beings?

Our host Fredrik continues the mission to discover what is genuine, fake, and somewhere in between on the TV-show Ancient Aliens. In this episode we’re going to sort out what an angel is and if the bible really is the best evidence for extraterrestrial visitation. To help us out with this we are Dr. Tine Rassalle. Dr Rassalle is an expert in religious material culture with a focus toward early christianity and judaism.

You can find more of Tines work on her website, you can go and follow her on twitter too. If you want some extra reading you should look into her dissertation “ancient synagogue coins”.

For a full reference list and further reading suggestion you should head over to our website There you will be able to find more info about our show and previous episodes.

CW: we mention sexual assault briefly while discussing the story of Lot from the Bible. The passage in question is Genesis 19:5.

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We cover in this episode:

Messengers of God?

The guardians

The wings of angels



Angels of Roswell


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