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The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison - The Membership Guys 25th June 2019
Using Segmentation to Increase Leads and Member Sales
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Using Segmentation to Increase Leads and Member Sales

Are you trying to be all things to all people with your content?

The truth is, the more broad your content is, the less compelling, relevant and effective it's likely to be for the individual reader.

By trying to cater to everyone, you end up catering to no-one.

This is where segmentation can be a gamechanger.

By identifying 3-5 key segments within your audience, and tailoring not only your content but also your lead generation strategy, your sales funnel and your email marketing to those segments; you can move the needle right across all the important KPI's in your business.

More traffic, more leads and ultimately more membership sales.

Episode Summary:

  • Why trying to help everyone with your content results in you actually helping nobody!
  • The 3 main options for segmenting your audience, and how they apply to memberships
  • How to apply segmentation to not only your membership site, but also your content and sales funnels
  • Examples of how we use segmentation in our own business, and the dramatic results it's had