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Being & Staying passionately in love with Steve - Amy Hardison
Episode 18th April 2022 • The Ultimate Coach Podcast • Meredith Bell and Ipek Williamson
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In our first episode, we are excited to bring you this interview with Amy Hardison, co-author of The Ultimate Coach with our host Philippe Bartu. Please join our beautiful conversation about love and relationships from the understanding of being was so honest and hopeful. Amy shared about the real struggles of her relationship and how she stays passionately in love while being married to Steve Hardison for 44 years and counting…

About the Guest:

Amy Blake Hardison was born and raised in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona. She has been married to Steve Hardison for forty-four years. They have four children and eleven grandchildren. 

Amy graduated magna cum laude from Weber State University in 1980 in English. Following her graduation, she transitioned to her career as a stay-at-home mother, focusing her time and energy on her family. 

Amy loves to exercise, read, listen to audiobooks, travel, and spend time with her family. Throughout her life, her passion has been learning. She worked as a volunteer teacher for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for twenty-four years, teaching Biblical studies to young adults. She has participated in four Sidney B. Sperry Symposiums at BYU and her papers were published in the accompanying volumes. 

Amy has authored three books: How to Feel Great About Being a Mother (1987), Understanding the Symbols, Covenants, and Ordinances of the Temple (2016), and the book of being, entitled The Ultimate Coach.  These diverse books reflect the things that matter most to Amy: her husband, her children, and her faith.  

About the Host:

Philippe Bartu is a recovering people-pleasing hotelier that became a stressed-out restaurant owner and survivor of severe burnout in 2008. This led him to become a seeker of deeper meaning and purpose in life. In doing so he had a profound spiritual realisation. He saw that every human being is always ok and perfect. 

Over the last 8 years, he has led transformational international retreats and coaching programs that have helped hundreds of clients replace stress and anxiety with fun, ease, and play. He is passionate about relationships and is on a mission to create a world with less drama and more fully expressed, authentic human beings.

By reading The Ultimate Coach, Philippe deeply saw how we create our future from a place of being limited or being unlimited. Today, he helps his clients transform their relationships with their own limitations and become powerful unlimited creators. 

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In preparing for this interview, Amy provided a list of questions that she describes as "The work that has to be done to be passionately in love".

Here are some questions she frequently asks herself and has kindly given me permission to share them with you. I invite you to read them about you.

  • What is the most loving thing I can do or say right now?
  • How quickly can I let this go?
  • Do a turn around and find something positive regarding this particular thought.
  • Is what I am doing, saying or thinking separating us or bringing us closer?
  • Where is my ego in this?
  • "There is real power in learning how to agree with others." Tyler and Taylor
  • Find five. Find five things Steve did today that were wonderful and amazing and express that to Steve each night.
  • What are 3 ways in which Steve's response is better than my natural response would have been?
  • Why am I doing what I am doing and saying what I am saying?
  • Where is my growth edge?
  • How can I use this to practice love?
  • Where am I being right?
  • Think about a situation. Replay, practicing the most enlightened responses possible.
  • Where has my mind gone down the road and made up things?
  • Did I slow down my thinking and responses?
  • What is my part in this? (Am I seeing myself without deception?)
  • Have I considered Steve's viewpoint? How would things be different if I did?
  • Am I doing the right thing, but am I doing it without love or fully giving of myself?
  • What is the bigger picture? Am I getting caught up in details that don't matter?
  • “Be curious, not judgmental.” Walt Whitman.
  • Ask myself why Steve is doing or saying something instead of making him wrong.
  • Am I going to war in my mind?
  • Where can I be more flexible?
  • Where can I find a third way that works for both of us?

"It is a choice to be miserable rather than to experience happiness and joy—and it is utter stupidity of the silliest sort to choose misery when we could choose joy." Blake T. Ostler



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