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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 31st August 2020
TCA Ep 724: With Dan Shulman of ESPN & Sportsnet
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TCA Ep 724: With Dan Shulman of ESPN & Sportsnet

On the 724th instalment of the Tall Can Audio podcast Matt is joined by a true broadcasting legend - Dan Shulman of ESPN and the Toronto Blue Jays play by play team.

Perhaps no Canadian sportscaster has ever become so well known and well respected on both sides of the border as Dan, and we couldn't be more excited he took a few minutes to join us on TCA.

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We speak to Dan about how this interview almost fell through, his craft beer takes, his experience as a Canadian announcing to thousands of Americans that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in the middle of a baseball game, his incredibly unlikely story of being hired on by ESPN, trying to balance calling a game with the social issues currently surrounding sports, whether, after years of calling multiple teams and multiple sports, this year of calling the Blue Jays every day feels like Groundhog Day and tons more.

We couldn't be more grateful that Dan Shulman made a little time for us. He's a terrific broadcaster and a better guy. We think you'll really enjoy this episode of the podcast.