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Implementing Treasury Roadmaps with Séverine Le Blévennec
Episode 23729th November 2022 • The Treasury Career Corner • Mike Richards
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Being clear about your goals and projections is essential to being a successful treasury leader. That’s why our latest guest implements roadmaps to define her plans and be clear on what she requires from her team. 

Séverine Le Blévennec, Global Head of Treasury at Aliaxis, joins this episode of The Treasury Career Corner. 

This is her second appearance on the show and Séverine has changed roles since her last episode. Here, she talks about her new position, the impacts of COVID on the industry and the importance of technology and data within treasury. 

Plus, she explains her treasury roadmap in detail. 

Séverine joined Aliaxis as Global Head of Treasury in June 2021. Prior to this role, she worked at Honeywell EMEA Treasury for 15 years in a number of roles such as Director and Senior Director of EMEA Treasury. 

During this time, she built her expertise in a number of fields such as cash management, cash investments, EU regulations compliance and lobbying as well as transformation and digitisation.   

Before she joined Honeywell, Séverine spent 7 years at GMAC European Treasury Centre where she was involved in all aspects of liability management: capital market programs, credit lines negotiation and documentation, securitisation transactions and innovative secured credit lines set up.  

The stellar work she’s done hasn’t gone unrecognised as Séverine’s been honoured by numerous international awards in the fields of cash and liquidity management, innovation and technology or treasury strategy. She's also a recognised voice of the industry and an acknowledged speaker in the fields of treasury regulations and innovation. 

Séverine holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance (ICHEC), an EFFAS certification (European Federation of Financial Analysts) and is Six Sigma Green Belt. 

On the podcast we discussed… 

  • The role technology plays in treasury 
  • Séverine’s new role since her last appearance 
  • How the world of treasury has changed since COVID 
  • Raising difficult questions 
  • Why care and respect is crucial in treasury 
  • Data within treasury 

Listen to the previous episode with Séverine here

You can connect with Séverine Le Blévennec on LinkedIn.

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