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DAY 270 - "Our people will decide," says Minister Larson
1st November 2019 • The People of Home • Mecho Radio
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Minister T. William Larson joins us today for a discussion on the past, present, and future of our young nation. Though few details were given about what exactly this new government will look like, Minister Larson clearly expressed confidence in democracy.

We, at the Media Corporation at Home, will be hosting discussions and debates to help the people make the best decision on how their future government will run.

In other news, a statue of Ruth Magaba was erected in Guardian Park. Ruth was a young girl who died of starvation during the blackout. A spokesperson from The Ruth Magaba Foundation said,

“Ruth’s death was completely preventable. There’s plenty of food - even with the power being out. It’s a right shame that a little girl should become forgotten like this. It’s a shame that any member of our community could be forgotten.”

The Ruth Magaba Foundation will be providing meals for the hungry in Guardian’s River. They’re slogan is “Never Forgotten” and have a stated mission of neighbourly service.

The statue of Ruth is holding a bouquet of flowers which were painted by members of the community. The paint will wear off, but volunteers will come to paint them anew to demonstrate that, indeed, we will not forget.

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