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Christ in Prophecy for the Last Days - Nathan Jones
Episode 117914th November 2022 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Christ in Prophecy for the Last Days  Nathan Jones

We are blessed today to have a very special guest and friend of the ministry come back on the program today.

Nathan Jones, who serves as the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, in Texas, reaching out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He has served at the ministry since August 2007.  He has blessed us on several occasions by coming on the program and discussing end time prophecy.

Nathan co-hosts the ministry’s weekly television program “Christ in Prophecy.” He also co-hosts the weekly podcast “The Truth Will Set You Free” along with his co-host, Vic Batista. Nathan can usually be found growing and developing Lamb & Lion Ministries’ Web Ministry at and evangelizing over the ministry’s various social media platforms, including The Christ in Prophecy Facebook Group. He answers all the Bible-related questions sent to the ministry from all over the world

He is the author of “The Mighty Angels of Revelation” and co-authored the book, “12 Faith Journey’s of the Minor Prophets.” I have the blessing of interviewing him about both of those books and you can go back to the archives and listen in as these are GREAT BOOKS! Amen!

Convergence of multiple signs that we are told to look for…

We see Russia getting hurt by economic sanctions. We see Russia currently losing their war in Ukraine. We see internal turmoil in Russia, tens of thousands fleeing Russia to avoid the draft. There are protests in the streets (almost unheard of in a Communist regime, let alone Russia).

Now, Vladimir Putin is threatening the use of tactical nuclear weapons to protect Russia territories. They’ve already claimed those areas of Ukraine to be Russian territory.

We have Iran siding with Russia. We have China siding with Russia.

The United States has influenced many other nations to impose sanctions on Iran and Russian oil.  And Israel is an oil producing nation that is in place to fill the gap with Europe.

Could this be a reason why the Bible has Russian invading from the North and Persia joining them along with a 200 million man army coming from the east?

We know the Bible says “God sets up kings and takes down kings and the heart of the king is in the Lord’s hand and He turns it whichsoever way He wills.”

Do you think the last election ended up the way it did in order for the United States to come to the point where we would be weakened to the point where, as a nation, we will not step in and protect Israel in event of an attack? Thus fulfilling scripture that NOBODY helps Israel?

What do you think of President Biden’s slip of the tongue talking about “Armageddon?”

We also have the rise in popularity of crypto currency. That, in and of itself, I do not think is bad. But now, the nations of the world are deciding to implement their own crypto currency in an effort to control their own national currencies.

Naturally, each nation still needs to deal with each other – which would open the way for a worldwide crypto currency – much as the dollar was the acceptable international currency for decades.

Do you think this could be the fulfillment of “nobody could buy or sell without the “mark” (the mark of the beast).

There is an asteroid named “Apophis” that NASA originally said would “impact the earth” in April of 2029 (seven years from now). There was such a commotion, they come out a few days later and said their calculation were off and it would “pass between the earth and the moon” on this pass, but would be even closer on the second pass in 2039.

What caught my attention was the seven year time periods, as that lines up with seven years of tribulation (which occurs AFTER the things we have been talking about that are occurring right now). Could this be the thing that destroys the earth so God can then bring in the “new heaven and new earth?”  What are your thoughts on this?

I know that your ministry is focused and dedicated to the study of end time prophecy – what do you see happening right now that has “raised the eyebrows” at Lamb and Lion Ministries?

Nathan, I have to ask, how is Dr. David Reagan doing since he turned over ministry operations to Tim Moore?

We mentioned your books that we did interviews on before, I’ll put links to those in the show notes as well. But what are you working on now. What do you have in the works for the next book?

Nathan, this has been so interesting. I know our listeners have received a lot to think and pray about. If someone wanted to get in touch with you or the ministry, how can they do that?

Folks, Lamb and Lion Ministries was one of the very first major ministries to bless our radio station, “Evangelism Radio” with permission to air their programming. They have been on our radio ever since we started in October 2010. It is one of the most listened to programs we have.

I urge you to drop down into the show notes and reach out to Nathan Jones and the ministry and check out their offers – they are just too numerous to put here. But every single offer is designed to do one thing – Proclaim the soon return of Christ. Amen!

Click the links below to check out the ministry and resources and to reach out to Nathan as well.

Nathan, thank you for taking the time today to join us. I do appreciate it and I look forward to having you back again in the future – if Jesus tarries!