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Get More From Your Google Ads Campaigns
Episode 815th March 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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Want to crack the secret behind successful Google Ads campaigns? The key to successful Google Ads is a bit of a mystery to some marketers, but we shed some light on it in this episode of Demand Gen U.

Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing, speaks with Silvio Perez, Head of Performance Marketing at Metadata, to get some invaluable insights into the world of Google Ads. We cover the key to successfully planning your ads, three common mistakes to avoid, how to start testing ads, and what the future holds for marketers.

Plus, we also announce a brand new channel in Metadata for Google Ads, which will transform the way you execute campaigns through our platform.

Listen to the full episode to learn the secrets to unlocking the most value from your Google Ads.

Find out:

  • The three common mistakes to avoid when planning ads
  • Why more budget doesn’t always equal better results
  • What to expect from the future of Google Ads
  •  Bonus: How Metadata’s new Google Ads channel can transform your campaigns

0:00 – 0:26 Introduction

0:27 – 3:30 What Silvio wished he knew when he first started using Google Ads

3:31 – 4:50 Where agencies get Google Ads wrong

4:50 – 9:09 Why running the math is so important when you use paid advertising

9:09 – 11:15 Why you don’t have to guess when it comes to Google Ads

11:16 – 13:38 Resources Silvio recommends to help you learn more about paid search

13:39 – 16:13 How to go from learning about paid search to actually applying it

16:14 – 20:26 The big ways Google Ads is changing 

20:26 – 22:44 What Google’s increased focus on automation means for paid search

22:44 – 25:10 Why you shouldn't only listen to Google

25:10 – 26:50 What Google’s updated privacy policies mean for advertisers

26:50 – 29:19 How Silvio started as a consultant at Metadata

29:19 – 34:41 Why we’re launching a new Google Ads channel in Metadata

34:42 – 36:12 The most exciting things B2B marketers can do with Google Ads and Metadata

36:12 – 37:53 What the future looks like for Google Ads and Metadata

37:53 – 39:03 Outro




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