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Adversity with Scott Davidson of the Living Adaptive Podcast
Episode 691st February 2021 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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Key Topics:

  • What brought Scott to creating this podcast (2:32)
  • Out of all the media formats available, what made podcasting special (3:51)
  • Podcasting can open so many doors, what doors did it open for Scott, and where has it taken him (5:36)
  • What guests have had the most significant impact on Scott’s journey (6:15)
  • Podcasting is often about storytelling, what stories have shaped Scott the most over the years (9:17)
  • Building a strong community around your podcast (10:00)
  • What makes the Range of Motion project unique and the featured charity of this episode (12:32)
  • For others starting a podcast, what lessons has Scott learned (15:41)

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