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Exploring Zero Click Content with Amanda Natividad
Episode 2668th December 2022 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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You can’t get around the fact that it’s tough out there for content creators and marketers.  

It’s getting harder and harder to convince audiences to click on your call to action. Plus, over half of all Google searches end without a click, and social media platform algorithms clearly reward platform-native content and penalize content with clicks.  

So how do marketers navigate this brave new world where platforms reward zero-click behavior?  

In this episode of the podcast, VP of Marketing at Sparktoro, Amanda Natividad, speaks to our host Amy Woods about the value of zero-click marketing and how to successfully play platforms at their own game. 

Find out 

  • What zero click content is and why it’s important 
  • Examples of zero click content and the platforms to focus on 
  • Amanda’s approach to research and repurposing 

Important links & mentions: 

  • Amanda Natividad on LinkedIn 
  • Amanda on Twitter 
  • Sparktoro’s Office Hours 
  • Content 10x Repurposing Effectiveness Scorecard 
  • My book: (Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results) 

Amy Woods is the CEO and founder of Content 10x, the world’s first and longest-running specialist content repurposing agency that partners exclusively with B2B tech and professional services businesses. 

Amy is a best-selling author, hosts two content marketing podcasts (The Content 10x Podcast and B2B Content Strategist), and speaks on stages all over the world about the power of content repurposing. 

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