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The Power of Intuition with Bryn Kenney
Episode 1629th November 2021 • Brand Story • Steve Gilman
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Ask anyone who plays and they will tell you poker isn’t for the faint of heart or the unfocused. It’s one of the most mentally-difficult, strategic games there is. Most people play purely for fun or perhaps even for a small payout and don’t have their sights set on becoming one of the most prolific players of all time. While Bryn Kenney didn’t set out to become that either, he certainly achieved it as he amassed more than $55 million in poker earnings while also holding the record for the largest single payout in a live tournament at the Triton millions event.

Whether your competition is on the poker table, in the boardroom — or in the game of life — Bryn’s approach to handling stress under pressure includes showing up as his unique self despite the obstacles that come his way. His distinctive approach has the power to teach us a thing or two about being calm under pressure and facing life with a contagious brand of positivity that ultimately touches everything around us.

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