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Podcast Directories - The Best Ones To Boost Your Podcast
Episode 116th October 2018 • The Podcast Growth Show • Juergen Berkessel
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In this, our first episode, we're going to talk about submitting your shows to the most important podcast directories. A basic marketing activity when you're first launching a show, but it's also one of the most important ones, and that's why I thought we'd start here.

If you are a new podcaster, you will find a downloadable version of this podcast marketing guide here, and you will find the links to all of the directory entries where you need to submit your show, so that it makes it much easier.

And I'm hoping that the directories that we will cover here will be the first and most important marketing step for you to take. If you're a veteran podcaster, I'm just thinking this is a sort of double check, or a checklist, because several new directories have come along in the last year or so that you might not have submitted your show to if you launched your podcast more than a year ago.

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