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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max EPISODE 193, 30th March 2021
Physiology, Congruence and Counterflow • Bryan McMahon • Qi193
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Physiology, Congruence and Counterflow • Bryan McMahon • Qi193

There is a saying in Chinese, 以人為本, Understanding a person is basis of knowing how to treat them. Our work requires we both understand our medicine, and understand how it applies to that individual who sits before us in our clinic.

In this conversation with Bryan McMahon we explore the importance of congruence in health and illness, take a look at the dynamics of counterflow that will give you a new perspective on this pathomechanism. And we’ll look into how more deeply understanding physiology will help you with difficult presentations in the clinic.

Listen in to this discussion of medicine, service and the interactions of heaven and earth through the dynamics of the five phases and six qi.

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