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358 | When is a Good Time to Start a New Business?
Episode 35815th November 2021 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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As we enter the holiday season, today’s guest is driven to bring the holidays a lot more cheer and happiness to her clients as she ventures into creating a new business. In this live coaching session, Talia joins Cayla to learn how to get her business off the ground and how to change her mindset to create the positivity she needs. Talia admits that her biggest hurdle is talking herself out of things, but remember that you don’t have to claim that for your life. As Cayla says, “We have everything within us to be amazing,” and that goes for you and your business, too.

Learn how Talia has realized that now is the time and she has nothing to lose. Be sure to follow Talia on her brand new Instagram account to boost her up as she starts this new journey as a seasonal interior designer and event planner. And be sure that while you listen, you are taking inspired action in your own life.

You will learn:

  • [2:32] - Welcome to the show Talia! Talia shares her inspiration for being on the podcast.
  • [3:20] - Talia was in the banking industry but knows she’s in a season of change.
  • [4:19] - Her dream is to be a seasonal event planner.
  • [5:26] - Currently, Talia has not started in her business and explains why she hasn’t.
  • [7:23] - Cayla uses herself as an example as Talia’s ideal client.
  • [8:47] - For starting out, Cayla advises to keep things simple and charge by package.
  • [11:50] - Cayla gives tips on creating visuals for her packages.
  • [13:03] - Talia’s social media will be very important as she is selling a vision.
  • [14:57] - Cayla’s friend is going viral on Instagram with reels and gives Talia a tip on making a reel series.
  • [16:06] - Talia admits that she tends to talk herself out of herself.
  • [18:11] - Insecurity is evil and Talia needs to be aware of how she speaks to herself.
  • [19:52] - Meditate on prosperity.
  • [21:09] - Repetition and what you say is what you believe.
  • [22:29] - Talia is working on starting social media accounts. Cayla advises not to overthink it and creates an Instagram account at the moment.
  • [24:28] - Do something inspiring for yourself. It is never too late to start.

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